Scena Travno International Puppet Theatre Festival Posudionica i radionica narodnih nošnji


INTERNATIONAL CENTER FOR CULTURAL SERVICES operates since 1972. The headquarters are situated at 17 B.Magovca Street. Cultural Center Travno and Rental Workshop of national costumes branch operate within the institution at 1 Barun Trenko Street. The center has a total of 19 employees.




Cultural Center Travno


Cultural Centre has organized many international and local programs, events and activities in various fields of education and culture - concerts, exhibitions, film programs, theater, drama, music, art, dance, and popular education workshops, seminars, lectures and courses of foreign language. Special attention is given to puppetry. The Center organizes the prestigious International Festival of Puppet Theatre - PIF, and numerous puppet projects (SMOLA - festival of amateur puppet troupe), seminars, workshops, performances and exhibitions. Publishing activities, specialized in the art of puppetry are of particular importance. Great part of the program organized by the Centre is profiled for the neighborhood and for local community - the citizens of Travno and Novi Zagreb. The programs are intended for children and adults.





Rental Workshop of National Costumes


Rental Workshop of National Costumes is specialized in folk costume collection, rental, construction (reconstruction), professional protection (restoration), folklore, theater and various other forms of application of national costumes, folk costumes and traditional textile items. The Workshop also organized many cultural and educational programs - concerts, exhibitions, fashion shows, workshops, courses and seminars which are used to represent the traditional cultural heritage, revitalize traditional textile handicraft and encourage the use of various forms of costumes in contemporary life (the project of application of traditional motifs and textile handicrafts in contemporary fashion clothing, usable clothes, housing and souvenirs).

The collection counts more than 23,000 different parts of national costumes costumes, folk dresses and props. The largest part of the collection consists of original costumes that in terms of beauty and value do not fall behind those from museum collections. In the restoration-reconstruction workshop replicas of traditional costumes, historical uniforms and flags are being made and damaged traditional costumes and textiles are being professionally protected and regenerated. In terms of field of activity and the size of the collection it is a unique institution of its kind in Croatia.